Black stethoscope with brown leather case

The CQC: An Important (but Anonymous) Organisation

The CQC regulates all health and adult social care services in England. Despite its incredibly important role, chances are you have never heard of it! In this post, we will introduce this important, but anonymous, organisation.

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Picture of different age people at sunset

Covid-19: Understanding Vulnerability

People are vulnerable in different ways, and what happens to one individual usually has direct consequences for others. In this blog, we reflect on the vulnerabilities that Covid-19 has exposed in our society.

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Image of robot carer

Robots: Can They Learn How to Care?

Can robots care for the elderly? In this post, we discuss some fascinating innovations from Japan, a country that has one of the most rapidly ageing populations in the world yet an alarming shortfall of (human) caregivers

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Patient Choice: Easier Said Than Done

Choosing care can be a difficult task and CareCompare is trying to help fix this by truly enabling patient choice.

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