The CQC: How It Works

In a previous post, we introduced the CQC, one of the country’s most important, but anonymous, organisations. We explained how this “Ofsted, but for health and social care” regulated these services in England and that despite its importance, few people were familiar with the CQC’s work.

The Challenge of Dementia

By 2025, one million people in the U.K. will have dementia. In our upcoming series, we discuss some innovative solutions for tackling this growing health and societal challenge.

The CQC: An Important (but Anonymous) Organisation

So far in our blog, we have dealt with a variety of health and social care related topics that hopefully have been both relevant and informative.

Readmissions: What is the Role of Out-of-Hospital Care?

As an orthopaedic surgeon, I have developed a particular interest in hospital readmissions after hip replacement and knee replacement surgery. These are two of the most commonly performed elective surgical procedures and are increasing in frequency as the population ages.

Patient Choice: Easier Said Than Done

Patient choice is King. The NHS Long Term Plan, NHS Constitution, NHS Choices Framework: all of them make crystal clear that choice is a right.