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Interview with Tara Marshall

We catch up with Tara Marshall, the Deterioration Lead for the Eastern Patient Safety Collaborative

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A middle-aged woman standing behind an elderly woman in a wheelchair looking at a sunrise

Social Care Reform: Where Are We Now?

Social care reform has been a difficult topic to discuss for any government. We look at where we are now, and what is coming next with the current government proposals.

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Stethescope on top of cuff that measures blood pressure, laying on a white sheet

The CQC: How It Works

The CQC is the Ofsted of the care world, but few know how it works. In this post, we introduce what the CQC does and what to look out for when looking for health and social care services in England!

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The Challenge of Dementia

By 2025, one million people in the U.K. will have dementia. In our upcoming series, we discuss some innovative solutions for tackling this growing health and societal challenge.

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Black stethoscope with brown leather case

The CQC: An Important (but Anonymous) Organisation

The CQC regulates all health and adult social care services in England. Despite its incredibly important role, chances are you have never heard of it! In this post, we will introduce this important, but anonymous, organisation.

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Readmissions: What is the Role of Out-of-Hospital Care?

Studying readmission to tell us more about care needs in the UK. Health care and social care are linked.

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Patient Choice: Easier Said Than Done

Choosing care can be a difficult task and CareCompare is trying to help fix this by truly enabling patient choice.

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