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Whether you provide care or assist those who need care in their decision-making, it would be great to work together

How it Works

CareCompare provides a platform to match individuals paying for their own care (‘self-funding’) with care companies who can deliver this. A user enters information about the care they need and the anonymised data is sent securely to care providers who respond with an ‘offer’ of care if they are able to meet this request. The user chooses between these offers and connects with their preferred company.

CareCompare was built in close collaboration with those needing care, the NHS, local authorities, charities and care companies to make a product that works for everyone. It includes CQC-registered providers ranging from small, local companies through to larger regional and national providers. We do not include companies rated ‘inadequate’ or ‘requires improvement’ in their latest CQC inspection report.

We also partner with a range of voluntary sector and charitable organisations to raise awareness of key issues affecting those who need care.

Where we cover

We are currently live across Essex but are rapidly expanding to the rest of the South East with support from NHS networks and the Academic Health Science Networks.

If you would like more information about joining CareCompare, either as a care provider or a brand partner, please email [email protected] or book a time to speak with us using the links below.

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Why join us?

When people need care, they often ask a health or care professional for advice. This may include their GP, care co-ordinator, social prescriber, practice nurse or local voluntary sector representative. However, none of these professionals are allowed to recommend specific care companies (for procurement reasons), and they cannot possibly know which companies have capacity at any given time. Searching on Google or in a generic directory is another option, but this requires people to manually contact lots of providers to see who can help.

CareCompare simplifies this process, helping both patients and healthcare professionals, and is being recommended by a wide range of staff when they encounter self-funders asking for help finding care. It is being supported by the NHS Clinical Entrepreneur Program, Innovate UK, leading charities and many of the regional Academic Health Science Networks.

For care providers, people often call to find out availability and price but might not have the details required to hand. The back and forth of having to clarify information takes up a lot of time. You have probably taken many calls from people out of your area, when you don’t have the capacity to help or when the specific needs of the user are not ones you can accommodate. With relatively little effort (it takes a few minutes to complete the proposal form), you can target proposals to those people you can actually help. Moreover, when someone connects with you via the platform and takes your time on a call, it is with a background of having already chosen you! If you wish, you can also see enquiries from surrounding areas and therefore have access to users outside of your normal catchment zone. Attracting self-funders through paid promotion is both difficult and expensive. With CareCompare, you pay nothing unless you directly see the benefit, maximising your efficiency and helping both you and the user.

We are proud to be an affiliate member of the Homecare Association and are striving hard to ensure our platform benefits care companies as well as patients, the NHS and local authorities.

Hear more from those with CareCompare

CareCompare has opened up a whole new view of how we take care packages’s great to be able to go onto CareCompare and see the different types of care needs that are out there and for us to then tap into something that we wouldn’t normally have thought of looking at

Carole Pellicci Care Support Administrator, Mike Riglin Nursing

CareCompare offers a useful free tool to help residents find a trusted, safe solution that is bespoke to the needs of individuals. Patients in my practice have already benefited from this service and I welcome its introduction

Dr Jose Garcia Lobera GP and Chair of Southend Clinical Commissioning Group

CareCompare provides us with a trusted, impartial place where we can refer patients and their families to... our local authority and voluntary sector colleagues have also welcomed the introduction of CareCompare and seen how it can benefit local people and their families

Charlotte Williams Chief Strategy and Improvement Officer, Mid and South Essex NHS Foundation Trust

We're in this together

Whilst we help people find care, we’d really like to help you manage this care. We’d love to hear any ideas you have to help us improve the site for you and your clients. Whether that’s a new way to improve communication, or needing more information from clients regularly.

Please click below to let us know.


Frequently Asked Questions

Which care companies do you work with?
We work with a range of care companies from small, family-run agencies through to larger regional and national providers. All companies on our platform must be registered with the Care Quality Commission and we do not work with companies rated ‘inadequate’ or ‘requires improvement’ in their most recent CQC inspection report. At the moment, CareCompare operates in Essex for both hourly and live-in care, and outside of Essex for live-in care only.
How do I find out about new care enquiries?

Once you have registered, every time a new user makes a request for care you receive an email alert. You can then click on the link in the email (or log onto the platform directly) to view and respond to the enquiry. You will be able to see the user’s request information and postcode but not their contact details at this stage.

If you are able to respond to the enquiry you can submit a ‘proposal’ for care. This consists of pre-filled profile information (your name, website, logo, CQC inspection report link) and specific information relevant to that user.

If you are unable to respond to the enquiry (for example, if it is out of area or you do not have capacity), then you can archive the enquiry and return to it later if you wish. We ask the specific reason for archiving but this is for our own understanding and is not communicated to the user.

If a user decides to connect with you then you will receive their contact information including phone number and email address.

The process is designed to give a lot of information to the user whilst minimising the amount of time you need to spend replying to requests.

Do I need to fill in my profile for each person I respond to?
No. Once you register, you can enter a detailed profile for your company- including a link to your CQC inspection report- and this will automatically be sent to every customer you respond to. In the proposal itself you can enter more detailed information relevant to that specific user.
Does the client know if I do not respond to them?
No. Each time a company makes a proposal for care the user receives an email alert and can then log in and view the proposal. However, if you do not respond (e.g. you archive the request because, for example, you do not have capacity or it is too far away) then your profile will simply not appear to the user.
What happens if a user connects with us and we later realise we cannot provide the care?

You are under no formal obligation to deliver the care set out in the proposal but we ask that the information in the proposal is as accurate as possible.

If you wish to clarify any issues with the client, please make use of the messaging function which allows you to send a secure message to them clarifying issues that may affect whether or not you can make a proposal.

We completely understand that there are circumstances whereby a user may connect with you on our platform but then the package of care never takes place- in this case, we ask that you kindly inform us so we can redirect the user.

Is there a fee for joining?

There is no upfront or license fee. There is no fee for registering with us and viewing or responding to requests.

If a user decides to connect with you through the platform and then goes on to actually receive care and pay for your services, then whilst they are paying you a small commission is payable to CareCompare for an agreed maximum duration. We want the platform to work for care companies but as you will appreciate there are also costs to maintaining the site! Our model means that you pay nothing unless you actually benefit from the site.