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Covid-19: Understanding Vulnerability

People are vulnerable in different ways, and what happens to one individual usually has direct consequences for others. In this blog, we reflect on the vulnerabilities that Covid-19 has exposed in our society.

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Tech Review: Medisafe

In this tech review, we look at a popular App that help patients manage their medications, called Medisafe

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Robots: Can They Learn How to Care?

Can robots care for the elderly? In this post, we discuss some fascinating innovations from Japan, a country that has one of the most rapidly ageing populations in the world yet an alarming shortfall of (human) caregivers

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Covid-19: Why We Can’t Ignore Social Isolation

Social isolation can have significant effects on both mental health and the risk of physical illness including coronary heart disease, stroke, diabetes and premature death

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Readmissions: What is the Role of Out-of-Hospital Care?

Studying readmission to tell us more about care needs in the UK. Health care and social care are linked.

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Patient Choice: Easier Said Than Done

Choosing care can be a difficult task and CareCompare is trying to help fix this by truly enabling patient choice.

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Predicting the Need For Care

To have a truly robust social care system, we must move to prevention rather than responding in only emergency situations

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Welcome to CareCompare! How Did We Get Here?

Introduction to CareCompare, a care matching service. You can find information on finding quality care services.

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