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A middle-aged woman standing behind an elderly woman in a wheelchair looking at a sunrise

Social Care Reform: Where Are We Now?

Social care reform has been a difficult topic to discuss for any government. We look at where we are now, and what is coming next with the current government proposals.

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New CareCompare logo with tagline, inside a shape

A New CareCompare!

CareCompare has evolved, and with that comes a revamped platform six months in the making! Go to to see more!

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Cream coloured square tiles with black letters spelling the word "Lockdown"

Roadmap to Normality?

What can those with relatives in care homes expect from the new Government roadmap to lead us out of lockdown?

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Picture of a hospital bed with a blue blanket on and white pillow, and a shelf that has a jug of water and two boxes of pills. The room is dark and there is a green curtain in the background

Bed Blocking: Can Discharge to Assess Help?

In this post we take a look at the D2A framework which has been taken up with enthusiasm recently as a result of Covid pressures

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Abstrace image of warping tesselated triangles in light blue

An Interview with Charlotte Williams

In this post we interview Charlotte Williams, Director of Strategy in the Mid and South Essex NHS Foundation Trust

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Stethescope on top of cuff that measures blood pressure, laying on a white sheet

The CQC: How It Works

The CQC is the Ofsted of the care world, but few know how it works. In this post, we introduce what the CQC does and what to look out for when looking for health and social care services in England!

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A gloved hand holding a vial with liquid in it

New Year, New Funding for Social Care's Covid Response

New funding has been announced by the Government to help social care's response to Covid-19, targeting care homes and local authorities who need support.

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The logo for Age UK Essex, featuring the words "Age UK Essex" and a ribbon

A Minute With... Gary Clinton (Age UK Essex)

An interview with Gary Clinton, the Head of Services for Information, Advice & Advocacy at Age UK Essex

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Picture of the Motability Logo, with circle of petals and the word 'Motability' written next to it

The Motability Scheme: Empowering Disabled People

The Motability Scheme empowers disabled people by enabling them, their families and their carers to lease a brand new car (or other vehicle) using their disability benefit. Here, we discuss its history and how it works.

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