Our Story

Arranging care for a loved one is difficult. Not only are you entrusting their personal needs to a complete stranger, but to many people the care system is opaque and confusing. The problem of finding care also comes at the most stressful of times- either when a loved one is in hospital, has just been discharged, or is deteriorating at home and slowly losing their independence.

As a doctor in the NHS I was deeply saddened by the countless patients and families I saw struggling to navigate the care system. Along with my co-founder, who suffered personally in finding appropriate care for his grandma, we decided to set up CareCompare. Our aim is simple – to help people find high quality care providers that can meet their needs, and to do this safely and quickly. Whenever possible, home is the best place to be, and we want to help people stay there.

Supported by Oxford University Innovation, Innovate UK and the NHS Clinical Entrepreneur Program, CareCompare is currently live across Essex and in the process of expanding within the South East.

If you or someone you know needs care you can register on our site, submit your care request and wait for tailored offers to come back from available care companies in your region.

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CareCompare – finding quality care, made simple.

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